Car Park Solar Structures

Utilising every area viability available to generate renewable energy is a necessity for businesses. Utilising the car park space once the roof has been filled is a sensible option. Not only will it generate more electricity for the business but if it is a commercial car park it will generate more income. Customers will also be able to charge the cars when installing battery storage which again is an extra revenue stream. It breaths new income opportunities into what would have been a necessary space which would not give any extra for the cost.

  • Create Electricity for car charging

    With the ever increasing amount of Electric Vehicles being produced and used, charging points are growing in demand. By using car par solar the option to charge the car whilst parking is made easy.

  • Turn Car Parks into a more profitable space

    Owners of the car parks can charge the owner of the car for charging the car and generate more income than otherwise would have been made.

  • Car parking areas can be used as an additional source of Solar generation.

    When roof space has been exhausted, car park can be used to generate additional electricity which can be used by the main building.

  • Improved protection of parked vehicles

    Solar car parking structures offer an additional benefit of covering and protecting the vehicles while gathering electricity.

Car Park Solar Structures

Utilise the space above the cars to generate additional electricity.

Car Park Solar Structures create additional income

Utilise the captured electricity on site or  sell the excess to generate additional income

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