Commercial Solar Systems

With the volatility in energy prices and total uncertainty we all need to look how to gain a level of stability. Factories, shopping centres, schools, gyms the list is endless. Our systems can be fitted to most roofing materials and help reduce the energy costs and carbonise the occupants business. This could be with large systems for large consumers on day shift or include battery storage systems for businesses that use a constant level of electricity through the night by incorporating battery storage solutions. We can asses what you are using and offer solutions that will meet the demand and ultimately increase profit.

  • Reduce the costs of energy and improve profits

    Capture your own energy to use on a daily basis and if you run short, collect energy from the grid at the lowest possible rate and store it for when you need it.

  • Increase the value of the property

    Experts agree that not only will you recoup your investment through fuel saving but Solar technology adds value to your properties.

  • Reduce overall carbon footprint of the business

    Help fulfil ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ and proactively reduce indirect emissions from the generation of purchased energy.

  • Government schemes available to fund the costs.

    There are a number of grants from the government that are available for businesses.

Solar Panels being installed on a commercial building

Solar Structures Ltd can help you fulfil ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’

Commercial Solar Systems

Utilising large areas of roof space to capture your own energy

Solar Panel Systems – Supply, Installation and Maintenance

Take control of your own energy with our complete Solar Capture and Solar Storage solutions. If you have any questions regarding Solar, contact us now and speak to an expert.