Domestic Solar Systems

What you can get paid for selling the electricity you generate by installing solar on your house and selling back has decreased over the years. Increasing energy prices is driving us to look at how we can use solar again to combat the prices we use day to day instead of what we can get as a return. By using our range of battery storage solutions, you can generate the electricity throughout the day and use it at night when you need it without consuming from the grid and stabilising day to day living costs.

  • Reduce household bills.

    Capturing your own energy means you will be less reliant on buying in electricity and therefore less effected by the fluctuations in the market.

  • Improve the houses efficiency with home battery storage

    Many new products in the market place are designed to work better with solar storage further reducing the costs of running the house.

  • Quick and simple installations.

    Most domestic solar systems can be installed in a day

  • Additional power source for remote locations

    In remote locations incoming power connections can be interrupted and not increased, solar power generating is a cost effective, quick and easy answer to the problem.

  • Low maintenance

    Panels need maintenance as with most things, generally this is just a  cleaning schedule.

Domestic Solar System installed in a new build home

Be less reliant on the grid and take control of your energy.

Domestic solar panels fixed to a slate roof

Domestic Solar Panels are easy to instal and a great investment.

Solar Panel Systems – Supply, Installation and Maintenance

Take control of your own energy with our complete Solar Capture and Solar Storage solutions. If you have any questions regarding Solar, contact us now and speak to an expert.