Solar Systems for Modular Homes

Products in the solar range have developed over the years which have lent themselves to wider audiences. Battery storage has improved in efficiency and also reduced in the size of the storage unit. This has led to our Modular Range conception. Now the energy can be stored discretely inside or outside the building. The improvement of the designs of the fixing means that the panels do not stand off as much and are more aesthetically pleasing. We have developed fixing systems for most roof structures in this sector to include granular modular roof tile, steel tile effect roof sheet, standing seam roof sheet and membrane coatings. With the ability to make the buildings carbon neutral, more options are available to house the buildings where previously they wouldn’t have been due to infrastructure.

  • Beat Energy Price Increases

    Capturing your own energy means you will be less reliant on buying in electricity and therefore less effected by the fluctuations in the market.

  • Battery Store Energy For When You Need It

    Battery storage allows you to build up reserves giving you greater control over the energy you generate.

  • Energy Security

    In remote locations incoming power connections can be interrupted and not increased, solar power generation is a cost-effective, quick and easy answer to the problem.

  • Low Maintenance

    Panels need maintenance as with most things, generally this is just a  cleaning schedule.

A modular home with Solar Panels installed

Solar Panels fitted to a modular home with steel tile effect roof sheets

Solar Panels installed to a modular home

Unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing shallow fixings

Solar Panel Systems – Supply, Installation and Maintenance

Take control of your own energy with our complete Solar Capture and Solar Storage solutions. If you have any questions regarding Solar, contact us now and speak to an expert.