Solar Farm

Installation of Solar Farms commenced to create clean electricity for villages and towns, large scale farms can produce enough for cities. Over the years there have be a good return for the owner in selling the electricity back which is generated. Today more and more businesses are installing solar farms for their own use as they simply do not have enough roof area to generate for their needs. We are all striving to be cardon neutral and if land is available to convert the solar farms are a quick and effective way of achieving this.

  • Better yield from land than alternative uses.

    When assessing what gives the best return on the land, Solar fields are hard to beat, not just for generating for your own consumption but also selling your spare capacity.

  • Quick install of large arrays

    Our experts can help you plan and then install large arrays of solar panels in a timely manner to maximise your solar yield.

  • Generate large amounts of power

    Large solar arrays can be installed quickly and easily on land and as a rule of thumb, 500KWP can be produced from 1 acre of land

  • Low Maintenance

    Ground level arrays are easy to clean and upkeep so maintenance cost can be kept low.

  • Battery storage as an option extra

    With the larger yield that comes with land based solar arrays, storage is not necessary but if added, can allow you to build up on-site reserves giving you greater control over the energy you generate.

Solar fields generate large amounts of power

Solar Fields offer one of the best financial returns on land

Large arrays of solar panels maximise your solar yield

In most cases 500KWP can be produced from 1 acre of land

Solar Panel Systems – Supply, Installation and Maintenance

Take control of your own energy with our complete Solar Capture and Solar Storage solutions. If you have any questions regarding Solar, contact us now and speak to an expert.